Bryan D. Leys

No Need For Trojans


No Need for Trojans is a new musical comedy based on the classic story of Lysistrata. It retells the play as a rollicking burlesque farce, along the lines of Aristophanes’ original intentions. It is openly bawdy, comedic and irreverent, with a nod to shows like Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and The Boys from Syracuse.

The story is set in storybook ancient Greece, amid the gods and mythological creatures.. As always, it centers around a sex strike by Athenian women hoping to bring an end to the countless internecine wars of the Greek men. To accomplish her goals, Lysistratra (Liz) assembles a diverse band of troublemakers. Their targets are profiteers as well as warriors, with obvious swipes at our contemporary military industrial complex. The action contains twists and turns not found in the original, such as masquerades, mistaken identities, gay characters and of course, songs.

Cast – 5 women, 5 men.