Bryan D. Leys


A Rough Night in the Short Reign of Didius Julianus

A two act history play set in 193 A.D. A philosophical merchant buys the Roman Empire at a public auction and discovers that dogma doesn’t mix with deadly political realities. Produced at Pretenders Theatre, NYC.

The Second Life of Gideon Finn

A famed Hollywood producer fakes his own death. Twenty years into his second life, his wife and son uncover his secret. His first wife, an international film star is also alerted, and arrives to take him back. Horse Trade Theatre Reading, NYC Nov 2012.


A suicidal, abrasive Yippie agitator arrives in Buffalo N.Y to promote his new book, in which he recants all his 60’s liberalism. His media escort, who is also an old girlfriend, leads him to book signings, media events and on a romantic voyage to self-rediscovery.

Plastic Dolls and Cloth Mothers

Two one act plays for two women. Plastic Dolls concerns two actresses fighting for recognition at a comic book convention. Cloth Mothers presents an imprisoned female sex offender on trial for her life.

The Drama Department

In the early seventies, the Drama Department of a small state university gathers together to discuss the plays for the upcoming semester, but the party quickly descends into an incitement of progressive art, teaching and the free love movement in general.


A fictionalized version of the 19th century relationship of Samuel Butler, author of “The Way of All Flesh” and his lover, Henry Festing Jones; two gay men who were forced by society to have sex through a female prostitute. Four characters, unit set.

Other Women

Carol Nash and Shirley Macbride are two women who have been “kept” for years in nice pre-war apartments in a building near Wall Street. Carol's life is suddently thrown into chaos by two events, the death of her patron carrying with it the threat of eviction, and the arrival of a mysterious new girl who turns out to be Carol's abandoned daughter. Four women, one set.

Shakespeare in Bermuda

A British director, vacationing in Bermuda, is summoned to the home of a retired naval officer who claims to have obtained a cache of lost Shakespearean works, like “Love Labors Won” and “The Merry Mistress of Manchester.” When the discovery is confirmed chaos reigns over who has the right to destroy or to own these lost masterpieces.