Bryan D. Leys

Hell’s Belles


Hells BellesIn Hell’s theatre district, show-biz-minded devil, Lester, hosts a never-ending revue. When a fallen pop star arrives, she meets a series of famous and infamous women who strut the stage satirizing everything from contemporary morals to the criminal justice system to motherhood. See Salome do her 2000-year-old nightclub act. See Lady Godiva let her hair down. Hear Janice Joplin sing the blues. Watch Bette Davis and Joan Crawford have a showdown. These are just some of the notorious females in this madcap show. Will the pop star accept her fate and join the chorus, or will she stage a revolution? And what’s Eleanor Roosevelt doing there?

The show has a cast of 4, plus a piano-playing Delilah. The set can be minimal. Costume changes are fast and hilarious, as 3 actresses demonstrate their comedic versatility, portraying 20 different recognizable characters.

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Cast of Characters

Lester Master of Ceremonies.
3 Devilettes His Backup Singers.
Delilah On piano.
Lots of Other Characters (and Surprise Guests) The Company.

Music Excerpts

Music by Steve Liebman