Bryan D. Leys

Gabriel Blow Your Horn


There’s chaos in heaven when a misplaced file folder is found for the planet Earth. To their horror, the angels realize that humans have been operating with free will for 2,000 years. Sure enough, the planet is a terrible mess and heaven opts for Armageddon now. Loveable but bumbling angel Gabriel is tasked with sounding the final call, but the powers of hades, including Gabe old girlfriend Lilith, are reluctant to give up their favorite playground.

Arriving on earth, Gabe encounters Zona Rabinowiz, an avid student of pop philosophy. He is so impressed by her spirituality that he appoints her his herald. Soon, Zona finds herself in Times Square carrying Gabriel’s heavenly message to the people.

Meanwhile, Lilith recruits Larry Burns, a frustrated protest singer and activist, to help thwart Gabriel’s plans. And on top of all this a confederation of humans who run the military-industrial-religious complex concoct a plan to steal Gabriel’s heavenly trumpet when he appears on an afternoon talk show.

As the end approaches, Larry and Zona fall in love. Gabriel and Lilith rekindle their old flame. Angels, devils and mortals endure a series of wacky misadventures in their attempts to get their hands on the golden trumpet. And if the trumpet is returned, what will Gabriel do? Will he side with humanity or get on with his job?

Gabriel Blow Your Horn is a light-hearted battle between naughty and nice, featuring a tuneful, traditional score. It can be played by 10 to 14 actors.

Cast of Characters

Gabriel An angel.
Michael A heavenly big shot.
Lilith A demoness.
Bub* A bartender in hell.
Darius Dodge An ego with a man attached.
Zona Rabinowitz An optimist.
Larry Burns A pessimist.
Lucius Fox* An evangelist.
Crystal Chandelier A would-be talk show host.
General Rimshot* A warmonger.
Marcel Lestrange* An impostor angel.
A Sweeper At Mickey D’s.
Shirley* Receptionist at the Mantra of the Month Club.

* These, and other minor parts can be doubled by two men and two women.

Music Excerpts

Music by James Campodonico